I am one that really likes comfortable shoes and stylish ones at that these shoes by the company Tiosebon they are the most comfortable and stylish shoes out there. I chose mine in the color navy blue with coral accents. They come in a variety of different colors so they have something for everyone. 

These are great walking shoes and also really lightweight and on top of being fashionable these are great for jogging as well or if you stand up a lot during the day at work. Some of the colors that they have that I really like are red, gray, orange, blue, pink, and so much more.
You can match these shoes up with different outfits whether you want to match them with a really nice outfit or maybe going to work and want some comfortable shoes that match your scrubs. The shoes have deep cushioning pads and are easy to slip on. And I love them I have to tell you they have a thick sole and very comfortable.

——By Jennifer From momma4life.com