Since my work is home-based, I tend not to need too many shoes. This kind of irks as I am a shoe person. I LOVE shoes. Short of buying shoes and wearing them inside the house, I possibly have no excuse to buy a new pair of shoes. Even when I go out on the weekend, I tend to resort to my comfortable, trusty pair every time.

When I was sent a pair of knitted walking shoes from Tiosebon to review, I was pretty excited as it meant another pair of shoes. This was especially a great shoe for me because it’s a slip-on and it means that it’s so convenient especially when I’m in a hurry (which is pretty often).

These knitted walking shoes fit ever so well. I was a bit sceptical about how they would fit around the ankle but they do fit beautifully. It is also lightweight. Size-wise, they fit true to size. I chose a light pink which is more like a peach shade. There are quite a few colors to choose from.

Tiosebon knitted walking shoes are my go-to for the school run. Since they are easy to get on, they are ideal for driving. It’s so easy to transition from heels to these shoes and vice-versa.

They are also great for when you are traveling as they are easy to take off at airport security. I remember struggling with shoelaces at security and then trying to hurry with getting them on so I could quickly collect my bags.

There are different designs to choose from as well as other shoes and boots. To choose your favorite pair visit


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