Casual shoes are known for their lace-up features, which enhance the wearer's style quotient in any non-formal occasion. Casual shoes work perfectly with any choosy wardrobe. Their classic look, usually made of textured suede upper layer and glossy leather material, give them a shiny appearance.


Casual footwear has well built upper patterns accentuated by perfect stitching and overlay accents. Their extra wide features are a vital selling proposition and much suitable for 3E and men's width.


Outer Layer


The outer skin of casual shoes feature an overlay appearance made up of soft suede and smooth leather with nice shape and depth that enhances their style.


The overlay is decorated with matching designs using the dual stitching method, which runs around the sneaker and enhances its rough style. These shoes feature detailed stitching with unique contrast look.


Lace-up casual shoes provide good balance and stability while walking. They are composed of well trimmed and strong sole with colored leather, adding style to your casual wear.


Salient Features


Casual footwear is comfortable to wear on any occasion, thanks to their high comfort quotient. Shoes with contrast and matching color have a pair of overlay stripes stitched to them to give them an attractive look.


Proper air circulation is ensured with mini perforation accents, both on the front and the sides. To give added comfort to the feet, they are offered with additional widths.


Casual shoes have a flexible outsole, composed of shock absorbing midsole with extra cushioned insole. They also have soft fabric lining at the edge between outer surfaces where the upper layer meets the sole. The inner portion includes a tongue, feature collar, and well-padded soft cushion.


At the front end is lace up option with soft thread shoe lacing features and six perforations. Casual shoes are available in all colors.

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