When performing tasks such as running or walking or even weight lifting, not any shoe will make a good shoe. To get the most from your walks you would need to pay close attention to the shoes. Remember the comfort and flexibility of your feet will determine how long you can last with your running and walking; hence the need to make sure you select the best shoes. If you love walking there are things you just can't forget when buying your walking shoes for woman if at all you are to get the best walking shoes.


  1. Start by knowing your feet, the size not forgetting the width. Feet are not the same and this means that a shoe that works for a friend might not work for you. Know your size and its requirements before you even hit the shops in search of the perfect pair.


  1. Choose a shoe that has a supportive low heel. Remember that thick heels or those that flair out can slow you down because the feet will end up slapping down instead of rolling.


  1. Consider a shoe that has a notch around the Achilles tendon. This is an important feature on a walking shoe because it reduces stress around this area. A shoe that has an ankle collar also makes a great choice because your ankles remain well cushioned and the collar also ensures you get a proper fit.


  1. Check the sole and test it for flexibility. As a walker, you deserve a sole that bends easily, especially around the ball of your feet for comfort when walking.


  1. Remember that a good walking shoe should be lightweight and breathable. A shoe that has a mesh on the upper part of it will offer better ventilation for your feet and you therefore will not have to worry about hot sweaty feet when walking.


  1. Before buying your shoe, check the inner sole because it is what will support and cushion your arch and foot as you walk. It is best that you settle for a pair of walking shoes that has removable insoles so you enjoy the convenience of laundering and drying them out in between your walking sessions.


  1. Always remember to look at the length and width of the shoe so you do not end up with one that will cause you painful calluses and blisters. Ensure that your toes have enough room, but that the shoe is not over sized all the same.


  1. Try out the walking shoes later in the day when the feet are expanded and wider for that matter compared to early mornings. You want a shoe that fits even after your feet are a little swollen from all the walking and heat.


  1. Another important thing you should do when you go trying the shoes is taking your socks with you. If you wear socks for your walks, then the shoe should fit with your socks on and not feel uncomfortable.


  1. Always examine the construction and stitching method of the shoes. A well-made and durable walking shoe should at least have a double row stitching for the upper and sealed seams.


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