With Operation July Success right around the corner, there has been a lot of talk among the Walk at Home team about good walking shoes – and how you find them. Lee has given our team some great tips for buying a wonderful shoe that will keep you up and active!

Buy for Comfort: The more comfortable your shoes are, the more likely you are to use them – and that’s the goal, right?

Buy for Support: Make sure the shoe you purchase supports your ankle, but is also not tight enough to pinch, especially across the ball or arch of your foot. Additionally, there should be approximately a thumbnails width between your toes and the end of the shoe.

Buy for Reduced Impact: Reduced impact shoes will ease tension on your joints and allow for less pain post-workout. Look for shoes with advanced technology, which you’ll see in the design. These layers of technology, known as air chambers, are usually very clear to see at the base of the shoe. You should also feel a slight bounce when you try them on.

Fabric: Look for a shoe that is lightweight and breathable. Anything too heavy or dense will be a burden to walk in.

Shop Smartly: Make sure to shop at night, when your foot is slightly swollen from the day. It is the best time to shop for a perfect fit. Also, make sure you allow plenty of time to shop for your shoes. Rushed decisions are usually the ones that end up as returns – or worse, as painful workout shoes.

Test Run: Make sure to spend at least three hours with your shoes on inside, before taking them for a spin outdoors. This will allow you to test the shoes fit and comfort level without scuffing up the soles, which will make them easier to return if they aren’t the right fit.

Shoe Life: Most walking shoes should be replaced after 5-6 months of consistent power walks. We define consistent as four to five, 30 minute or more walks per week.

Hopefully this advice will prove helpful the next time you’re surrounded by a sea of choices in the shoe store. However, the best resource you can use is the sales person helping you grab sizes. They are often incredibly versed in the specific shoes they carry, and can help you make a well educated decision!

 By Walk at Home