Shoes are the most important when it comes to sports. The correct position of the foot not only increases the effectiveness of training, but also protects you from injuries. See a few tips on how to choose running shoes.

Quick Tips for selection of sneakers
Choose sports shoes at the end of the day. When you move and generally burden the feet, they change in size and slightly swollen. It is important that your feet are in this state during fitting. Like this, during training shoes will not tighten your feet. Always carry your own socks – must be of the socks that are worn for training. This way there is no danger to grasp fungi in the fitting.

Sometimes sport shoes that are fully made of leather are very attractive but impractical. We recommend you to choose shoes that are a combination of leather and fabric, so that the foot can breathe. Never wear sports shoes (and everything else as a matter of fact) with socks of synthetic material. The consequences can range from getting fungi to unpleasant odor. Quality sports shoes for women and men are different because of the peculiarities of gait and posture in both sexes. If you are a woman and you like more male model, do not take it.

Type of sneakers
Sneakers for every day – Shoes for every day are good to be made entirely of leather, as they are more representative. For the summer, most comfortable options are entirely made of fabric or favorite sneakers. Do not take shoes or sneakers for every day that have a thin soles the foot can be hurt of stones, holes or bumps in the sidewalk. Walking every day is walking with obstacles.
Sports shoes for hiking – Shoes for tourism must be above the ankle. Avoid other options. It is mandatory to have a thick sole and be waterproofed, especially if you spend more time in the mountains. Important: The models that are not above the ankle are suitable for flat terrain

Running shoes – They must have a different, often soft and thick sole. The reason is that while running your body has an additional load on the feet. When choosing sports shoes for running, make sure to have a soft and flexible sole. Important: Depending on whether jogging, sprint or marathon practice, there are different types of sneakers. Always ask consultants in store

Tennis sneakers – Tennis shoes must have a soft lining inside and be a combination of leather and fabric outside in order for the foot can breathe. The sole should be of medium thickness to bear the load. Good tennis sneakers are firmly on your foot without squeezing. This way you have maximum control of the movement.

Sports such as football and basketball also have special shoes that are comfortable and your feet are protected from the risks to which they are exposed. Next time you go shopping for sport shoes, make sure you know what you need to buy!