Hey friends! Today I wanted to bring you 3 trendy sneakers for women that you need to have in your closet this season! These shoes are a great option when it comes to sporty, athletic shoes that are really comfortable, durable, and stylish at the same time.

Tiosebon is a new shoe brand to me, but they have been an online business for more than 10 years! I love the heart of this company because they have the environment, and customers at the center of their mission!

They are an earth-friendly company since they use recycled products like water bottles and clothing to create athletic shoes that are so comfortable you won’t want to wear any other shoe!

Knitted Walking Shoes

The Knitted Walking shoe is the first trendy sneaker for women, and they have to be one of my favorites! They weigh less than 5oz, and fit like a sock. The slip-on style has no pesky laces to tie and re-tie. On top of that, these cuties are breathable and durable. No need to wear socks!

I love wearing these slip-on sneakers with leggings, joggers, shorts and jeans. Also, since they comes in multiple colors, it’s easy to find just the right pair for every occasion.

Unisex Breathable Air Cushion Sneakers

The second pick for trendy sneakers for women is this Air Cushion style. I’m so glad I don’t have to pick a favorite when it comes to these Tiosebon shoes, because when I first saw this white lace up style , I knew I’d love them!

These sneakers are for male or females. They are specifically built with an air cushion that absorbs double the shock of walking, standing or running for long periods of time.

The knit tennis fabric is breathable, lightweight, and comes in 4 different colors. I thought this white would be just the thing for the upcoming spring and summer months!

Again, I would style these sneakers with leggings, shorts, joggers, denim or pants! Also, the chunky sole makes it the perfect style to wear with a dress for a trendy vibe!

Tiosebon Slip-On Walking Shoes

Finally, these slip-on walking shoes for women were an automatic ‘add to cart’ because of their neutral color! They pair perfectly with so many athleisure outfits, I had to have them. This color is called apricot.

Of course, after wearing them the first time, I was a HUGE fan! Just like all of Tiosebon shoes featured here, these sneakers are lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and provide good traction.

Also, all of these sneakers have memory insoles with added arch support! Really, it’s like your feet are walking on air!

Overall, I am truly smitten with these walking and running shoes. They check off all the must-haves when it comes to a quality athletic shoe! Please don’t make me pick just one style, because now I want one in every color!

You just can’t beat quality, style and function when it comes to finding the perfect sneaker.

If you would like to shop other styles from this brand, click Tiosebon .

——From cindyhannamblog.com By Cindyh