woman holding duck boots

You’ll be looking for places to go in these trendy Tiosebon Duck Boots!

L.L. Bean first introduced us to the duck boot trend years ago and before we knew it, everyone and their mom were strutting around in the unique style.

Over the years, many other brands have emerged with similar designs, but most of them come with a hefty price tag and quality isn’t always up to par. Now, thanks to the new and noteworthy Tiosebon shoe brand

Here’s why I love my Tiosebon Duck Boots so much!

duck boots on shoe rack

They’re not just cute, they’re super comfortable.

I first stepped into my Tiosebon Duck Boots when I was in a hurry to walk my daughter to school and was immediately impressed by how comfy they were. As strange as it may sound, they’re way more comfortable than they look!

You’d think a durable, rubber-made shoe would be stiff and hard on your soles, but I actually kept my boots on from morning all the way until the evening because they are THAT comfy! I honestly didn’t even realize how long I’d had them on and that’s coming from someone who wears slippers literally every day!

Our Hip team was already a huge fan of Tiosebon sneakers, but their boots definitely don’t disappoint either!

A person wearing duck boots outside

They’re durable and perfect for rainy days.

I already loved how comfortable my boots were, but would they pass the rainy weather test? Sure enough, after trekking around in wet grass and puddles, my socks were still dry and my feet were still warm.

At this point, I was REALLY impressed by the duck boots and was eager to check out some of their other styles because when I find high quality and budget-friendly shoes, I get pretty excited! 

tiosebon duck boots in grass with leaves

You can get your Tiosebon Duck Boots in 5 different colors!

If you’re feeling classy, go for the two-tone brown or black boots. If you’re feeling funky, go for the leopard or snakeskin print OR try one of each because you’ll likely be wearing these comfy waterproof boots all season long like me.

A woman standing outside pointing to her duck boots

I love that they look good with so many different clothing styles too–jeans, leggings, I’ve even seen people rocking them with skirts and dresses–yay for versatility!

A toddler playing with an etch-a-sketch on the floor

Tiosebon makes the cutest kid’s shoes, too!

If you’ve got a little one, you’ve got to check out these adorable Konhill Kid’s Flyknit Shoes! The elastic shoe mouth makes them so easy for kids to slip into and the breathable mesh material is so comfortable.

A hand holding a toddler shoe

Sizes range from 6.5 (toddler) up to 13 (children’s) and you can get your flyknit kicks in 5 different colors. If you’re a fan of no-lace shoes for your little cuties, you will LOVE these!

“These shoes are literally a GIFT for toddler parents! They are well made, stylish, and so easy to put on – which is the gift part lol. I don’t know about all the other toddler parents out there… but my little guy LOVES to get new shoes. He thinks it’s the coolest thing when he gets a new pair he can sport.

For hours it’s ‘mama shoes, mama shoes!’. I just love it when he’s so excited about the little things and he was FOR SURE excited about these adorable shoes! You can’t go wrong, mommas!” – Amber, Hip sidekick

tiosebon duck boots in grass

Tiosebon Duck Boots with gift box

 ——by Taylor  from hip2save.com