3 decades of women

A Spotlight on Stylish Walking Shoes with Tiosebon for 3 Different Decades of Women

Finding stylish walking shoes has been quite a goal of mine since realizing that there are companies out there with both comfort and style.

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I have been concentrating on many different comfort footwear brands in the last couple of years, since it’s an important factor for women our age.

Styling walking shoes with everyday outfits


Different varieties of stylish walking shoes


Woman over 80 with sneakers

Charlotte’s Styling Walking Shoes

My mom picked out the KONHILL Women’s Walking Shoes in pink. This same design is also offered in grey, white and two versions of black. One of the black pair has a black sole, while the other has a white sole.
Because she has a small bump on the top of her foot, she thought these would be the safest bet. Although I would be interested to see if the other varieties would work for her too since the material is so giving.


Charlotte usually wears a 7.5 however they didn’t have the half size for a 7, so we got her a size 8. They don’t seem too big and my mom says they are very comfortable. After her hip surgery, she does use her shoe horn to get the shoes on since they are soft in the back.
She likes the color because they match her skin so nicely, it’s almost like they are nude shoes. They were a little stiffer at first, over her big toe (because they are so elasticized) but she’s worn them shopping after this because they are so comfortable.

Tiosebon stylish walking shoes  Pink sneakers

Pink for fall

Lesley’s Thoughts on these Tiosebon Shoes

Lesley chose the Tiosebon Women’s Slip-on Walking Shoes in rose red. These also come in orange and pink. She was surprised that in real life they are more neon pink. Obviously, this doesn’t show in the photos. But they look great with her pink top.


In Lesley’s words: “Light weight and comfortable. Wore for dog walking & bike riding this morning and they felt great. Seems to run true to size. I had ordered up 1/2 size just to be safe, but could have stayed with my regular size. Only complaint is the color, I was expecting hot pink, but it turned out to be fluorescent pink.  They coordinate well with my bike so I may reserve them as biking shoes.  Again a nice surprise in quality for pricing.”


Sneakers with a dress

Jodie’s Tiosebon Sneakers

For myself, I went with the Tiosebon Women Knitted Sneaker. I wanted to get green since I don’t have many shoes in this color. For those of you who don’t love green, there is also blue, apricot, red and pink in this option.
Even if you don’t usually like sneakers with dresses, I tried to think of these as low cut ankle booties or brogues. They bring out the green in the dress and were perfect for a day of shopping.


These are the lightest weight sneakers I have in my closet even compared to all of my other comfy stylish walking shoes. They fit wonderfully and because they are “material” instead of leather, there is no rubbing or pushing on any parts of my feet. They are not tight anywhere.
This pair also has the name tag on the back heel like Lesley’s shoes. To me this gives off a more casual vibe.

Walking away in stylish walking shoes

It’s interesting to read about this company. They are dedicated to a more sustainable lifestyle. Every pair of Tiosebon sneakers uses 7 plastic bottles along with recycled garments.
What that means to the environment is they are working against water usage, CO2 emission and new cotton farming since their emphasis is on using recycled products.

These stylish walking shoes have a memory insole and are breathable. I would describe all of our varieties like sock shoes because of the stretch and comfort. The best surprise? This company’s stylish walking shoes are quite inexpensive in relation to many other shoe companies

——By Jodie's from jtouchofstyle.com